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Contemporary Artist, Abstract Painter, Drawings

Latest works, large scale abstract art, drawings and photography

Patrice de Santa Coloma is a French Argentinian Contemporary Abstract Painter Artist who focuses on abstract landscapes, contemporary drawings, and produces large abstract paintings and drawings. Guided by architecture shapes and colours with a colourist approach using a combination of bright colours and pastel tones to elaborate complex abstract compositions where mineral and organic forms evolve like mutations. De Santa Coloma is a well known contemporary Abstract Painter.

André Masson, Giotto, Henry Moore, Pier Kerkeby, Derain, Picabia, Kandinsky, Delaunay, Best Contemporary Abstract Painter Artist

About Patrice de Santa Coloma contemporary abstract painter

The colour fragments much like in a kaleidoscope are arranged to build imaginary abstract landscapes. I define myself as a colorist and I regard most of my paintings as experiments with colors. I believe the simplified shapes and structures are only there to support colours very much like a scaffold would do.

In 2016, in a small exhibition space with only two walls facing each other I began working on a copycat version of a painting, Nothing will ever be the same again is an installation that questions the futile and repetitive gesture of the painter and at the same time calls the attention of the observer. Later the process was extended to become the Diplopia series where two paintings very much alike would be displayed in the gallery walls next to each other. Repetition and dichotomy have become a central part in my artistic approach.

I find my inspiration in the works of Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck, Franz Marc, August Macke, Hans Harp, Paul Klee, Per Kirkeby, Richard Diebenkorn, Thomas Schütte, Georg Baselitz, Sol Lewitt .

About Patrice de Santa Coloma abstract paintings and drawings

My paintings are evocative of abstract landscapes. I build imaginary structures in space that ressemble past experience gathered from literature and wanderings off the city limits and in nature.

I have been experimenting with various techniques ranging from oil painting to gouache, watercolor and pastels. Experimentation takes me to new territories and help me reveal the inner beauty of the materials I use. I show their delicacy and subtleness and the color variation and granularity from the smallest to the largest works I have produced.

In my exhibitions I always experiment with different medium and try to push my ideas and concepts further so that they make a mark in the exhibition space . I cannot hang a painting in a gallery space without carefully plan and produce for that space. The work becomes interlocked with its surrounding and makes an imprint to something I can later relate too.

Color has become the central figure of my paintings , a spiritual guide and a way of expressing my personal feelings. I focus on a palette or sometimes on a single color and I build not only a work but a world around it. The landscape becomes abstract from the very moment that the gaze loses itself in it.

photography portrait of the painter Patrice de Santa Coloma

Born in 1967 in Buenos-Aires. Lives and works in Bordeaux France
MA Master of Arts. London School of Printing / Ecole Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Les Ateliers (Paris)

Andes-Gallery Basel Switzerland

Burgstrasse 160
4125 Riehen
+41 78 729 9708

Contact Patrice de Santa Coloma Abstract Painter and Colorist
Mobile +33 6 62 63 00 86
2A rue de Bethmann
Bordeaux 33000

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