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Soleil de Plomb

The Discretes Paintings

FACTS/ARTlab art and science residency project 2019-2020 About Discrete Paintings, ARTLab project Explore the links between art history, conservation, presentation and research of scientists, restorers, historians, chemists.

Discreet Paint White Conté Pencil on gray tinted paper Lead White
Study of drapes. Lab coat. Photography and digital print 43x45 cm
Scale ratio gilding to the sheet on wooden disc (1m diameter). Deposit of a microliter of diluted lyzozyme in the center of the target

How does exposure to light alter the appearance of a work over time? One of the main factors of degradation of the works, the light both necessary for contemplation and the study of works of art of heritage, is just as harmful to the stability over time of the materials composing them.

I imagined a space within a work as a meeting place of different know-how and knowledge. As part of the residency, an installation will be unveiled to the public. Lead Sun (prototype) Glass altarpiece, wooden frame. Huche: egg tempera paint, sheet gilding and photosensitive silver nitrate paint on glass. Panels: egg tempera and lead and zinc pigments painted on carved wood Dimensions: 140x70 cm closed, 140x140 cm open


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