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Grand Parc, a photographic series in the neighborhood of the Grand Parc Bordeaux

A way of saying would be that I walk around and take pictures. Yet it is neither ballads nor photos strictly speaking.

Photography is a process upon a process. The process of revealing light on a surface, the process comes from vision. This duality invokes distance and multiplies intermediaries. There is also, in my opinion, a third medium, it is memory and its ability to capture which appropriates testimony seen as a personal cognitive experience.

How many times, for example, when remembering a moment from childhood, we actually remember a photographed scene. It is the experience and the vision of another that we remember.

The experience that we have of the landscape by walking charges the memory by the imprint and the steps engrave its furrows in the memory. The photo reinforces the visual and sensory impression, it bears witness to the journey.

There is the randomness of everyday life or the small variations in the terrain, the weather, the paths that cross. We take one path rather than another just to have a new experience in an established pattern. Keep a common thread but allow yourself sidesteps.

The path is personal. Talking about the path, journeying, journeying. From start to finish, retrace your steps but observe new things, turn around to better appreciate the landscape. Be on the lookout for details that we might have missed. It is the element of surprise that animates the gesture and gives direction. As in painting, the strokes of the brush resemble the steps of a step.

In the district of the Grand Parc I take up residence for 5 months a relatively short time for a contemporary abstract painter, I create paintings finish my series of Polyptiques with versions 13,14 and 15 16, start a new series Diplopias and Olympia, the light of day comes hitting the boards. The painter is obliged to paint more vividly because of the sun, the yellows that are too yellow are no longer visible, they must be reinforced. The contrast increases, it is necessary to soften certain aeras of the canvas.

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