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Meriadeck Chronicles

On television they were showing this adaptation of the Martian Chronicles with Rock Hudson. I found the scenery interesting.

Meriadeck is a version of the Defense without towers. The gardens evoke certain places in the Parc Floral de Paris. I survey the decorations of the districts like the last observer. Entrenched, Omega Man in a post apocalyptic world. Spared, on borrowed time, not yet contaminated.

The gaze carried like a last vision that I carry away forever. I realize.

The ruins evoke past civilizations. Here it is the one in the making. New buildings replace those that crumble and fall on their own.

I'm not a shutter-trigger-frenzy shooter, a few more cartridges in the barrel. 12 shots per 6x6 roll of color positive Ektachrome 120 roll. Now silver is worth gold. I let myself be impregnated by the place. I have the time. Until sunset.

Bordeaux, 2016

See also the Fountain of Youth series (Meriadeck Chronicles II)

Cibachrome prints were presented at the Frontiera as part of the exhibition Fragments (2017).

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