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Loose canvases

paintings 2022

From 2021 and around 2022

Painting on an unframed canvas robs it of its tension and flexibility. The canvas no longer strikes back. The spontaneity and the random rebounds contribute to the drifts of the brush and weaken the touch.

Painting on a canvas stretched with staples frees me from the cumbersome constraint of the frame. Suelta or liberated would be a better term, the burden tended to wear me down as is currently the case with the canvases of the Botanical Garden which no longer can fit in my small studio. The size of my frames remind me of the feeling of failure of not having a studio large enough to be able to express a work that is above all immersive. I see this photograph of Miró in an airplane hangar with a monumental frame at his feet and then I look at my drawings in my notebooks.