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Desktops series, film colour photography

photography 2023

Turn on the computer. Expect. Wait again. The insipid and brief melody is heard. Wait again. Succession of colors, the background image is there... then we have the hand. Not too soon. The machine has torn itself out of limbo: "it's up to you". We read his emails, we consult, we put in the trash. We pin for later, we detach paperclips and then we take a look at the social. Feeling of belonging or of exclusion: torrents in which one tries to stay the course or simply to stay afloat. We leave everything, sometimes unexpectedly. And then there it is, this desktop with its icons and wallpaper. There's a well-chosen image or nothing, the neutral gray of Eastman's 18% boredom. I think of photography in general and my growing desire to photograph nothing. Because my portraits in general do not show people but reveal and reveal to us what they are through their work environment. Since 2014 I have been visiting artist friends, researchers, writers, employees and photographing them. I take the time, I sit down, we drink coffee, we chat. Each moment is unique and often makes me discover marvelous arrangements.