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Art and Science residency, FACTS in partnership with the Bordeaux Genomics Platform. 6X6 film photographic series

photography 2020

Kodak Portra 160 6x6 film photography series

Side road, cycle path n°5 via rue Dandicolle towards the Carrère campus, rue de Bethmann, Hôpital Pellegrin then Charles Perrins. The campus finally appears. The structures, the buildings are linked and superimposed in the gaze. The same path always different, every day. I'm not moving forward, I'm getting bogged down in issues of lost know-how. Everything is dosage and meticulousness which is not the basis of my practice where I like to leave room for the unexpected, the surprise.

The dome of the genomic research center finally appears, adjoining the amphitheater. A setting worthy of the Martian Chronicles, is it the same era as Meriadeck? Technical room on the ground floor of the amphitheater I. The medical classes above, I ended up understanding certain things. Biology is a dizzyingly complex science, I am taking my baccalaureate again this year. Differential equations are no longer on the program, the Krebs cycle is maintained. I perfect my Gram stains without gaining too much weight. I still can't get used to the sight of blood.

The CROUS at noon, the thousands of students, tasteless industrial food sold at a high price.
Impossible to drink a coffee without magnetic sesame.